My Story

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My Story

Why should you read this?  Hopefully my story will convince you

I was a practicing surgeon last at Dartmouth in the ENT section. Much as other members of the department, my daily routine was taking care of patients, research and I was also involved in hospital-wide building patient safety and quality.

My life and what I knew came to a crashing halt in 2014-I was diagnosed with a condition called cerebellar ataxia. I had to give up my practice and surgery and direct in-person patient care. But I still wanted to help patients and people. I started a small business to try and achieve this (Giri MD, LLC). I am hoping to bring both perspectives to future discussions-the patient and the physician-

My hope with this blog is to educate and inform you the reader (two elements of patient care that I missed the most). I am going to try and update with new information weekly.

Do you want to understand your health condition?


  1. Roy Walbridge

    I met Dr Giri several yrs ago, as he had relocated to my area of Ctl Fl; Specifically, to Lk Nona Medical City, just south of downtown Orlando, east of Disney. Coincidentally, my niece, Laura DeSchamp, from Brownsville, VT, is an OR nurse, at Dartmouth Medical Ctr and knows Dr Giri, well. I didn’t know their connection until Dr Giri and I met.
    I recommend following and consulting w/Dr Giri for any personal and medical questions. I know he’s given awesome advise to others, recently.

  2. Roy Walbridge

    I regard Dr Giri as a friend and trust him dearly w/personal and medical advise. Just a click away, should you have a question, medically.

  3. Emily Coble

    Thank you! I am looking forward to reading more.

  4. Susan Morrison

    Dan and I miss you and your family. I don’t post much on facebook but catch posts of how the girls are doing and that tiny dog you have!! I’ve thought about you all often. Thank you for sharing.

    • Giri Venkatraman

      BTW, it was great hearing from you and Dan–we miss you as well..Post-disability we have been in FL-life is good so far.


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